26 April 2009

It's a Small World!!

(The picture didn't turn out great, but it will have to do.)

Oh my gosh! I'm probably pretty much the most excited person EVER!

Well, I've actually been sick (not seasick, just to clarify) and grumpy for the past couple of days and that makes for a pretty miserable time. I suppose unlike being sick, the grumpy part was an option; but I feel the two go together quite well. Also I've been kind of homesick lately. Not so much for home, but for familiarity, Joey or even just a good friend.

So, I got up lastnight from my hour and a half nap to stand my 2000-2400 (8pm-12am) watch at the gangway. I wasn't exactly thrilled to say the least, because standing for four hours when you're sick seem more like, well, an eternity.

So, as I'm standing gangway in the random little town of Beaufort, South Carolina, up walks my very dear friend Doris!

We met in Arkansas when I was like 17. It seems so long ago, but I guess that was really only like 6 years ago. (Wow, I'm still so young :).

She moved to Florida several years ago and though we try to make plans to see each other when we're both in Arkansas, it just never seems to work out. So, it had been a couple years since I last saw her.

I'm pretty sure this is one of those God things, Him just wanting to brighten up my night. Doris lives in Florida, was on a road trip with Dennis to Virginia and just happened to be in Beaufort the same day as I. On the same pier, at the exact same time, with out even knowing I was in South Carolina. I just can't even hardly believe it! It really is a small world!

So, needless to say, I'm still pretty excited I got to see her and meet Dennis. I still wonder if I dreamt the whole thing up or not, but I guess the picture makes it pretty believable.

Love you Doris! :D

13 April 2009

A Friend on M/V American Spirit

Well, the previous time I was employed by ACL (American Cruise Lines) I mainly remember the theme being about "Being an Example". As a Christian I feel it is my responsibility to set an example to those around me. And this is not always an easy task I've found.

When I decided to return, I was really dreading the swim upstream I would be making basically alone in a downstream kind of environment. Life is obviously much easier when there's someone else swimming along side that can help keep you afloat.

So, when I was departing Arkansas to come to the east, my parents prayed that there would be another Christian aboard that could help me along in this day to day battle of survival.

And guess what! God really does care about the small things! There is a guy here, Daniel, that is in fact a Christian, has been to ALERT (the program my brother went through and also the same guys that would come help Friend Ships out when we did our outreaches www.alertacademy.com). And as it turns out we also have several mutual friends! I'm am just amazed!

We're thinking about starting a bible study at some point and I'm super excited about that. I'm not sure when it will be possible seeing as how we both work completely different schedules, but I'm sure we can work something out.

04 April 2009

Life on the East Coast

Well, I must say that my favorite part of the day is when I actually get to crawl into my cozy little bed and I take my pen and mark a big line through a day on my calendar. Oh the satisfaction I get! It just brings a little smile to my face, to know that I am one day closer to the last.

Now I realize I make it sound as though I’m just totally miserable and hate it here, but that actually isn’t the case. Honestly the worst part about it is the lack of sleep. But also because of this, everything is absolutely hilarious to me! I seriously laugh all the time!

When I decided to come back to American Cruise Lines I said to myself that it was only three months “out of my life”, and that I would just try to survive the duration; as if it wasn’t really part of my life but only something I would have to do to get to Australia. But in actuality these three months aren’t just a couple weeks or months out of my life. Right now this is my life! So, as of now, I’m looking at all the amazing things I’m privileged to get to learn about and experience. And as it’s said, “The road to where you’re going is just as important, or more, as the final destination”.

I really hope I can always find time to look around and see the blessings in my life. Because I have a boatload!