25 July 2010

Trip to Alaska #5

I have officially broken my record of "not being able to stay in one spot for more than three months at a time". I have lived in Missouri now for NINE months! It seems crazy to say, because it honestly feels that I've just moved here.

I only have 2 1/2 months of school left and I then I will actually be a cosmetologist. (If I pass my boards that is. :D) And then I'm going to have to make decisions about where I want to go and what exactly it is I want to do. That's always a bit scary for me.

But, as you all know, love and miss Alaska and fishing. And because of school I wasn't able to fish this year so I was very excited just to take a two week trip up and hang out. My dad had never been to Alaska so I was very blessed to be able to bring him along and show him the most beautiful place in the world. And he got to see what I did fishing.

So, we'll just skip right to the pictures. :D

My dad and I on our way to Alaska.

Snug Harbor. This place is amazing! It's across the inlet, away from town and the world. The most perfect place in Alaska to be able to take it all in! There's salmon fishing, and halibut fishing. Bears, mountains, fossils, history, crabs, boats, awesome people and an awesome hot tub. I mean, it's all here.

Dad, Abe and Aaron. Bear watching.

Drifting. Gill net full of fish.

Abe and his deckhand Aaron picking fish. (I would like to pretend that I made the best deckhand ever.. But I must say, Aaron probably did everything just a little better and faster than I. As much as I'd like to think that I work as hard as a guy, it's just never going to happen. Guys will always be able to give just a little more than me.)

There wasn't enough room for me to help pick fish. So I just pitched them in the hold for the guys.

A boat full of fish!!! I have never seen this many fish in all my life! The hold is plumb-full! The deck is overflowing with fish! This was a great day! (Even though I was a bit sick...)

A happy moose