04 May 2010

Cosmetology School

Hello to anyone that might still be reading my blog! I have not died, just been super busy.

There's not been too many exciting things happening in the past six months. I definitely haven't gotten to travel anywhere exciting. And though I did take a trip to Nebraska for a couple of days, I'm pretty sure that does not fall into the "exciting places" category.

I'm going to school full time, then work nights and weekends. Only about five and a half more months to go and then I will be finished with school! I don't think just saying the word "excited" could really get my point across. But I am super excited to be over half way!

I think there are about sixty of us girls packed into one building and I'm pretty sure I've heard enough drama to last me the rest of my life... I love cutting and coloring hair, waxing, pedicures and all that jazz but I was not expecting the drama that came along with it... What was I thinking?

So... I thought I'd put a few pictures up for you...

My School BBF Jessica. :D

Cutting Jessica's hair. (And as you look through these pictures, you may notice that it's basically just Jessica and I... Jess really is my only friend... I'm not even kidding. I find it's much easier to stay out of all the drama this way. :D)

Jessica and her awesome red hair. I totally did that. :D

We made a Jack Sparrow doll out of a bald mannequin. Each group had to make someone when we were going through the "Design Decisions" chapter...

Jessica, myself, Stephinie and Lydia.

And my first set of acrylics! (Jessica's hands, but we felt she needed a little bling for this hand model picture... So that is my ring. :D)