24 August 2008


(My first surf board!)

Wow! Can I tell you all that I love surfing!

Life has been getting to me these past several weeks. Well, actually ever since returning from Africa, but these past couple of weeks especially. I wont go into the details because it’s really beside the whole point of this particular post. I’m writing because I can hardly contain my excitement about surfing!

Since arriving in California I’ve been able to surf every weekend, 3 of them actually, and just love it! Yesterday I was able to buy my own board and had such a wonderful time out on the water! I was out there surfing away and having the time of my life! I couldn’t not smile!

If you’ve been around me recently at all, you’d know that I write on my arm with a huge sharpy marker the word “smile”. It’s because I actually have to remind myself to do so.

Did you know that in Proverbs 29 it says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”? I went to a church this morning called the Dream Center. Some of you have probably even heard of it before, they do huge outreaches in L.A.. But the pastor gave a message this morning about having a vision and a dream, that you will die without one. I’m not talking about a physical death, I’m talking about being dead while you’re still alive. The message hit me so hard and I realized that I have lost my dreams in life and I have lost my vision. You could ask me what I want to do with my life, and I will tell you that I have no idea. You can ask me where I want to go in life, and I will tell you that I have not a clue. You could even ask me what I love to do, and again I would tell you that there is absolutely nothing I love to do.

Well, I've found that surfing truly makes me smile, and I'm not going to stop there... I'm going to find a dream for my life and go after it! I'm going to find a passion in life and I want it to be built around God. Because He is my first love!

Friend Ships Crew

I just wanted to post a blog dedicated to all the Friend Ships crew out there, past, present or even future.

(Eating lunch on the stern of the Pearl 2008)

I was sitting down for lunch the other day with the 12 other crewmembers that are here in Los Angeles, and we were having a great time just laughing at everything and anything. It was just like having an overly large family.

So as I was sitting there it just dawned on me that I have met and know some AMAZING people!

It’s not every day you run into a fairly large group of people that, for the most part are walking the same path as yourself and that will except you just the way you are. Sure we have our bad days and don’t get along all the time, but in the end the situation is usually resolved and both have come to an understanding somewhere in the middle.

So, to all the Friend Ships crew, thank you for being you, for being real, for being a friend and for making my life so much better.

Love you all!


(Spirit Messhall 2006)

(Hope lounge 2007)

(Israel 2006)

I wish that I could add everyones picture to this post! But I know so many wonderful people and the pictures would just go on...

08 August 2008

Los Angeles, California

Wow, I almost forgot how much I loved the beach/ocean. Is that not the most amazing thing you have ever seen? It’s absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous!

The waves were crashing on the shore and the sound of the rocks hitting each other and rubbing together was so beautiful. I could have stayed there forever and just listened to it.

There wasn’t any surfing that I saw but I’m not giving up that easily. California and surfing just go together like cake and icing. I actually dream about surfing every night, and the good thing about it is, is that I just continue to improve. I’m nearly a professional now. (In my dreams only.) :D

Well, I have obviously departed Lake Charles, Louisiana, because you wont find this scenery anywhere close. I was there for two weeks helping Captain Stan with odd projects before the Integrity (vessel in Seattle) crew is able to journey west. Teri, Stuart and I made the 26hour drive yesterday and have been resting up today. It was actually a good trip and we only had one blowout. We came earlier than the rest of the crew (who will be here in three or four days) to get the Friend Ships warehouse here in Los Angeles cleaned up a bit.

Teri took me out so see the Pearl today. Which is the yacht in the middle pictured above. We’ll be here in Los Angeles for a while (hopefully no more than a month) giving her a little TLC and then we’ll be towing her to Lake Charles with the Integrity. Integrity also needs some love so we’ll be working on here for probably longer than I’m imagining.

In a previous post I said I would be putting in my request to name the vessel in Seattle the Pink Pearl, but it was to late by the time I did, because Friend Ships had already picked out their names. I thought it was kind of funny though that they happened to name the yacht the Pearl. Anyways, I told Capt. Stan I would be referring to her as the Pink Pearl from here on out because it is such a better name. :D