21 January 2013

The Things I Will do to Save for My Trip to Europe

I have acquired 2 jobs since moving to Missouri. My first being at a salon and second at a bar and grill. I say bar and grill, but as the sun goes down it seems more like a club. Security, loud music, dancing and alcohol. All combined and you get the results of people being crazy.

When I applied for this job I simply picked this place because it's individually owned (which means there are not all the stupid corporate rules) and the dress code is jeans and a sports shirt, which I can totally dig. I didn't however realize how crazy it could get on the weekends.

I don't get off work until 2am some nights. Which makes for a long day, as I start at the salon at 9 am. Anyways, I wanted to quit the first couple of days, I got home reeking of cigarette smoke and ears ringing because the music was deafening. But I always tell myself that I have to give it at least 2 weeks, because everything, no matter what it may be is always terrible in the beginning. A person can't possible know what they've gotten themselves into until until they have given it a fair shot.

I personally don't have anything against drinking (responsible and in moderation) but I'm wondering where the line is. I like to go out with friends for a drink. Or even the last bar and grill I worked at, I enjoyed serving alcohol. But it was to people that were just going out to socialize and a grab a drink. And I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The place I am now working at, I was actually walking around with a tray of shots trying to get people to buy them. Which was surprisingly fun, music was playing, people were dancing, giving me complements and having a great time. But it's not like you're just walking around asking people if they want shots, you are trying to get them to buy them from you. They say "no thanks" and I then find myself saying something along the lines of, "awe come on, you should have one!!"
What?!!! That is not me at all!!!! I never in my life thought I would being trying to get people to drink alcohol! And just so I could make a few bucks? I keep repeating in my head "Europe, Europe, Europe." But I don't know how I feel about all this.

*A little disclaimer. I just want to be clear that this post is in no way meant to be judgmental of anyone, whether you go out partying every night or don't go out at all. And further more, I am in no way claim I don't go out myself on occasions.  =]

08 January 2013


I don't even know where to begin. I have wanted to backpack through Europe for years now. Somehow something always ended up falling through and I push it off to another year. But my only goal this spring/summer is to save enough money for this dream to became a reality. My dear friend Amy and I are planning on going this fall for 2 months. We are going to get a Eurail pass and see as many countries as possible, make new friends and see old ones! I am so excited for this adventure!
We are only young once, and I know if I don't make this happen now it might never be possible.

So, as Mark Twain has said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

I know it's not all going to be a cake walk, I'm preparing myself mentally to be lost, tired, cold and hungry and I hope that I can always see the bright side and remember how blessed I am to take this journey. 

If any of you have any great knowledge or helpful hints on backpacking for 2 months, I am all ears. This will be my first backpacking trip. =]