12 June 2008

*Ting *Ting *Ting

(Special sunset in Lake Charles)

I have an announcement! (No, I'm not getting married!)

I'm hitting the road/sea again... I'm headed down to Friend Ships once again (in Louisiana) where I'll then travel to California with a crew to dry dock (I believe) a yachtish-boat-sea going thing (I really only have a vague idea)... Anyways, from there we'll either sail or drive (again, I really have no idea what I'm talking about) to Seattle where we'll spend some time (no idea how long) preparing to sail our "new" ship through the Panama Canal. I'm super excited about the Panama Canal and can't wait to experience it!

I don't think the vessel has a name yet, so I'll be putting my request in that we name her the Pink Pearl. :D

Then from there, to the island Roatan for some time.. (Don't know what were doing there or how long will be there)... ...And now that I think about it, some more information might be a good idea... ...But like it's always said (with a Kiwi accent),"you need to remain flexible". Because plans are always subject to change...

Anyways, I was assuming it would take about a month to sail around and through that Panama Canal and we'd be home around the end of July-beginning of August. Capt Stan actually laughed at me and then began to assure me he would probably have me home by Christmas.... "Christmas?!" I say. I was kind of thinking of settling down somewhere this summer/fall, you know, grow some roots and stay awhile.. But here I am, again, blown with the wind and off to another adventure... ...How does this happen?

I am excited... A little stressed... Five months is a very long time. Especially without seeing my little brother Joseph... And though I am trying to sweet talk Capt Stan into letting my friend Amanda go, I don't know how that's all going to work out...

Life's crazy... I guess you just have to take everything with a smile...

As time moves along, I'll fill you in on what's really going down... Thanks for taking the time to read this...

01 June 2008

Arkansas Fun!

My little sister Sarah came "home" for a couple days (from Missouri) and gave Joey his first horse ride!

As you can see, they both had a great time!

Joey! He loves three-wheeler rides! Dad usually gives him a ride everyday and he was a little sleepy this evening.

My friend Gabriel from Oregon came to Fayetteville with a team for a Track and Field meet. He's a coach so was here coaching a pole vaulter.

We actually met in Alaska a couple years ago when we were commercial fishing. Gabe was fishing for the site neighboring the one Amanda and I were working for, and by the messages in a bottle A and I sent out we made a couple of friends. It was great to see him again and I was able to watch pole vaulting for the first time... It's actually very cool.

(Trent and Ashley)

A couple random pictures for you of some of my friends and I hanging out at the "Old Post Office" in Fayetteville.

(Ashley and Nick)