04 August 2007

ACL's Deck Crew ~ Aug 07

Well, I’ve given you all several pictures of the scenery and stuff but no people pictures. Just thought I would post a picture of the deck crew I’m working with and also the two coolest people ever Heather and Peter. We (the deck crew) like to call ourselves the “dream team”. But the word nightmare is often heard coming out of the captains mouth when in reference to the crew. I don’t understand why…

I also get so many complements from the passengers about my uniform… They usually go something like, “ohhh, you are actually cute when you’re not in uniform.” I smile and say, you’re so sweet, thanks. Thinking to myself that I spend 80% of my time in the stinking things!

(The Dream Team)

So first here in the picture is Will, he will be leaving the crew tomorrow. He’s our “jumper”. Meaning he jumps out the hatch when we arrive at a dock to take our lines to a bit. He’s also our expert towel folder and has his own personal condiment fanny pack. Well, it’s probably not a fanny pack, but we all think it’s a better story.

Next we have Ned. Ned is my partner on the stern, we are often referred to by the captain as the “A team”. I believe that’s because he watches everything going on on the bow, but only sees what we want him to on the stern. There is also a list going in the laundry room of how Ned will injure himself, he is know as the one to always slip on or get his hand caught in the gangway.

Max, He’s our fearless leader and the Chief Mate. He’s totally cool and a great guy to work under.

Bill is our #1 Deckhand/ERA (Engine Room Assistant). I will be taking his place when he departs in a week. He’s totally cool also. I spent the most time with him when I first arrived, he looks out for me. I think.

Then there’s me… I get made fun of all the time because I always “hog” the launch/shore boat. I would like to say in my defense that it is not my fault though, the Mate always asks if I want to go for a boat ride. And I can’t very well say no can I? I totally have to much fun on the launch; Wednesdays are definitely my favorite days.

Lindsey’s a line handler on the bow with Bill. She’s going to the Maine Maritime Academy to be a real sailor. She's my roommate... Or I guess all 11 girls are my roommates but Lindsey and I share a bunk and a small space.

Then there’s Tom… We like to make fun of him also… He’s the “doorman”, meaning he watches the door as the jumper hops to the dock. But Tom is usually the first out. He also likes to point out to Max when he’s on the launch all the boats or buoys that could possible be hit. He doesn’t realize that Max is way taller and can see just as much as him. We just laugh…

(Peter and Heather)

These are the two coolest people ever. Peter and Heather. Heather reminds me of my best friend Amanda and Peter is just sweet like my brother… They are both stewards.