30 October 2010

I'm a Cosmetologist!

Hello! It has been so long since my last update. Life isn't quite as interesting to write about, or I image read about, when every day is pretty much the same.

It is one year today that I moved to Missouri. Had never cut a persons hair in my life! Didn't know a thing about coloring or foiling. And definitely didn't know anything about perming or waxing. Now, a year later, a have a cosmetology license and I really think I'm going to love the work! I am so excited to get a job in a salon and continue learning.

I'm looking for a job right now in Alaska. But as of now, I'm just hanging out in the south until after Christmas. Still working as a waitress in Missouri. Getting pretty excited to get on with my life now that I'm finished with school.

Fall is Here Again