31 January 2009

Ice Storm

Well, if you haven't heard it on the news, NW Arkansas and the surrounding areas got a bit of ice this past week. We were powerless and phoneless for four days... I know that doesn't sound very long... But it was... Gosh I love electricity. Ha

The pond in the upper-field.

I love how the ice cycles are hanging sideways.

This is looking up the driveway. Ahead is the shop and then over to the right is the house. That tree landed right on the metal gate and smashed it.

This is the house where I live... And I'm pretty glad that tree didn't fall on the roof.

Behind the house.

Looking at the tops of the trees... Or what used to be...

22 January 2009

Chad and Amanda

Well, Amanda and Chad got married in December so this post is a bit out of order. But they just got their (amazing) pictures back and I wanted to make a post just for them :D Because I love A so much!
The beautiful bride A looking as gorgeous as an angel.

And Chad looking as handsome as always.

Lighting candles.

It was such a beautiful wedding as you can probably tell. Snow, lights, candles. Awe, it was beautiful.

Chad with the ladies.

Awe! Mr and Mrs Chad

And then.... There's A and I laughing per usual. I think it was at Steve's toast, because that was hilarious!Awe.... I would like everyone to take a glance at the lights on the poles in admiration.. :D Because I spent a lot of time up on a ladder. :D

And guess who caught the bouquet!... But I'm hoping the "three times a bridesmaid never a bride" cancels that out. Ha ...Acutally the truth is, there were two bouquets and only two single girls (me being one of them), so I was hosed from the start. ha

21 January 2009

The Love of My Life!

Joseph was helping me make a cake the other day and I just had to add these pictures so you could all see his cute face. :D

Just so you all know... I had already taken the batter out of the bowl before letting him freely eat as he pleased. :D

This picture makes me laugh so hard!

He loves Chocolate as much as I do!!!!!!!

07 January 2009


Well, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my new found addiction.. Well, I don't know if it's an addiction yet, but it looks as though it may be headed in that direction. Ha Fun times!

La Casa in Fayetteville

My Brother LukeAnd then my friend Daniel.

05 January 2009

Debi Came to See Me!

Well, not much has been going on with me, I'm still waiting to hear back from Cruise West and filling out the long application for the YWAM Waves school. In the meantime I'm just trying to enjoy life as much as possible.

But as you can see from the picture above... *drum roll please* Debi and I were together again! Yay! We had not seen each other in a whole year. And that, in my opinion, was way too long! So, needless to say, I was pretty excited! :D

And actually because neither of us has a reliable car, our friend Jonathan was sweet enough to drive Debi all the way to Arkansas and then back to Texas again.

(Jonathan, Debi and Luke)

I actually met Jonathan at Friend Ships and I must say that when we arrived home from Israel I never expected to see him again. Ha. Who knew two years later he would actually come to my house...

So, thanks so much Jonathan!