29 October 2009

Trip #4 to Alaska

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Alaska? I have never seen anything more beautiful! I swear, as I fly through the Alaskan sky there's a song that's on repeat up in the clouds. It goes, "take my breath aaawaaaaaaay".

I just returned from there a couple days ago. The 3 previous times I had been up in Alaska was always in July/August. It was kind of strange to be there in October. I thought maybe it would be fall. But nope. It was winter. Not a leaf on a tree. But it was still beautiful.

This is Homer.My beautiful friend Amanda and I in Homer!

The Kenai River. Looks so bare without all the boats and bouys.

My friend Abe and I.

Well, I think most everyone has heard that I'm moving up to Missouri and will be starting Cosmetology school soon. But let me just make it official by saying that that is definitely true. :D

My little sister Sarah lives 20 minutes from the school so I'm moving right in with her and starting on the 3rd of November. The school is only a year long. And I know that sounds like a short time, but I spend an average of three months in one place. I always get antsy and just have to go somewhere. But I'm determined to get rid of the travel bug if only for nine months.

I'm so excited! I've wanted to do this since I was 17. But I'm also really nervous because I have never cut a persons hair in my life. I think "God help me" is about all I can say.

Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! Hugs!


I've gotten pretty bad about updating my blog these days. Seems I just do the picture thing here lately.
So... Here are some pictures. :D

The siblings! First time we've been together since last Thanksgiving I believe. (Love my family!)

My Grandparents! They came to Arkansas to visit on their way to Arizona.

I love my grandpa!

My little niece Rebekah

My brother Luke and my youngest niece Emma.

05 October 2009

Gone, But Not Forgotten

In remembrance of my uncle Carl Bjornstad who departed us one year ago tomorrow. October 6th 2008.

You will always be loved and greatly missed.