12 September 2009


I can't believe it's been over a month since I last wrote. They say time fly's when you're having fun and that is the truth!

Fishing ended about a month ago, so I (sadly) returned to Arkansas and am now plotting my new adventures. I sure do miss Alaska, because it truly does feel like home. Maybe someday I'll even get to live there. I guess one can only hope.

I took a trip out to Virginia a couple weeks ago to see my dear friend Janna marry the man of her dreams. I had such a great time seeing a bunch of my Friend Ships friends and hanging out with my best friend Debi! Such good times!

Most have probably heard that I canceled my trip to Australia. The dollar is still dropping even as I type, so school was starting to cost way more than I was willing to pay. Who knows, maybe when I'm old and gray I'll be able to take a little trip Down Under for a vacation. But for now I think I'll probably stay in the states for a while.

I have a couple different directions I'm heading in at the moment. All I know right now is that I need to make a definite decision on what that is before I go completely insane.

Hopefully in the next week or two I will have a solid plan. Who really knows though? I like to reserve the right to change my mind about anything, at any time, whenever I feel like it. :D

So for now, here are some picture from over the past month.

Canoeing with my baby!

Taking a rid on the carousel. 2009 Fair.

Joey Loved this fire truck! He must have ridden on it 20 times!

My beautiful sister Sarah and my cute little brother Joseph

Janna and David
Sweet Debi! If only she didn't live so far away!

11 September 2009

Just Some Pictures in Alaska

I thought I would share a few more pictures with you of my time in Alaska.
So, this is picking fish on the Early Dawn. Or watching Abe pick fish anyways. :D

Abe is a phenomenal Captain/fisherman. There is no way in the world that I could ever even hope to be as educated about "things of the sea" as he is. Generally people scare me on boats. Like we're going to run into something or just flip right over in rough weather. But I don't think I was ever frightened even the slightest while working for/with Abe. I think it runs in his family because his dad is probably the saltest person I've ever met.

Chad and my best friend Amanda halibut fishing!

MY FIRST HALIBUT! I was so excited! (And to think, all those clothes in JULY!)

Abe and Chris or Brandon (they're twins and I had the HARDEST time telling them apart!) filleting halibut in Seldovia.

Snagging for Salmon! Oh my gosh! This was so fun! Everyone was just pulling salmon out of the water right and left! It was crazy! I only caught a humpy, but I was still happy!