01 April 2013

One Way Ticket

My best friend Amanda! (8 months Pregnant)
So excited I could jump for joy! I just bought my ticket to Alaska for the 24th of April! Besides the amazing part of getting to be in Alaska soon, I also only spent $18 on this ticket! Granted, I did have air miles, but usually I have to buy 2 separate tickets to be able to use my miles. So, thank you Alaska Air for partnering with American Airlines! You just made my life so much better!

I've been living with my little sister here in Missouri, I imagined lots of hanging out time, but between her and I both working crazy hours we NEVER have a day off that is the same. Unfortunitely there hasn't been a lot of sister time. =[

I know a lot of people have 2 jobs and work all the time, but I feel like I am slowly killing myself. Turns out I do actually like to have a life out side of work. =]

My goal while I was here was to save a good percent of the money I will need for my travels to Europe this fall, and I am very pleased with my accomplishment. I think my one job at the salon in Alaska with suffice for the summer.

Definitely looking forward another amazing summer! To see all my Alaskan friends and to hopefully make new ones!

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