29 March 2012

Decisions Decisions

How is it the end of March already? I feel like I should be headed on some crazy adventure by now. I guess sometimes staying put can be just as big of an adventure. It definitely has it's challenges.

I've been living in Arkansas since January. My brother Luke was so amazing and moved out of his one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom just for me. Turns out we make amazing roommates. We're both a little OCD. =]

As I'm sure everyone knows, I have a little bit of a commitment issue. I like to keep my options open, just in case, you know. I didn't want to sign a year lease, because who could possible know what I would want to do in a couple months. And Luke only had six months left on his so I was basically just signing under his lease. We sat down to sign everything and were in a major hurry because Luke had to be to work in like 10 minutes. We were literally throwing papers across the table signing whatever. And the lady asked if we had any questions. Luke said no, and I just wanted to double check that I was only signing a six month lease. She informed me that we were signing a year lease... Ha ha! Wow, NO! I was seriously panicking just a little. A YEAR! That is so long to be in one spot. We did get it straightened out and I can leave in July if I want.

All of that to say, I still don't know what I'm doing with my life. =] I'm working at a salon here in Arkansas at the moment. We just opened about a month ago so it's been really slow going. I have started getting repeat clients so I know it could be really good. We're in a great spot and the salon is so beautiful! But it could be a year before I am booked with clients all day everyday. That is such a long time to invest if I'm not even sure I want to live in Arkansas... Oh the decisions.

It's so weird, I worked for Smart Style Salon in both Missouri and Alaska. And I made great money. But I hated that the salon was located inside Wal Mart. It drove me crazy. I wanted to be in a "real salon"... But now that I am, I also have to wait tables as night. So even though I'm at the salon 7 hours a day and at the restaurant 6 hours day, I spend more time at tables than I do behind my chair doing hair. =[

What should a person do? I want to go to Europe for two weeks in June. Also, I want to fish in Alaska this summer. But I also want to have roots somewhere.... And I can't keep bouncing around (for more than two weeks at a time) and have roots. How am I supposed to decide which is more important? And I want to live in California... But I don't want to miss Joey growing up. I feel like I can't make up my mind.


April Jech said...

i have no idea what to tell you on this... i'm sure whatever you decide will be the best choice! even if it means cloning yourself or using one of those things Hermonie used in that one HP movie to time travel... all good choices.

Danette Ann said...

Thank you April!

Anonymous said...

Just keep trying to figure it out. From a Christian point of view look at Paul and how much he traveled doing what he could for God with what was given him. From working his trade as a tent maker to reaching europe with the gospel. Try alittle bit of everything find out if you really want it and if you want to settle down for awhile to think it over go for it. Main thing is dont let people put pressure on you. Live for God and live life and live life well.